Request to acroarte give “El Gran Soberano” to the late singer Anthony Ríos.

Entities “Dominican Tourist Press Association (Adompretur-NY) and” Press & Community (Prenco) “unanimously welcomed the proposal of Speaker Francis Mendez, to ask the Association of Art Critics (Acroarte) deliver posthumously” El Gran Soberano “to the late singer Anthony Rios.

Méndez explained that he had recently asked Acroarte to continue vindicating the artistic values ​​of the country, awarding that prize to Anthony, whom he described as a national art glory. He exhorted to do justice by granting it because several generations of the country have an inextinguishable moral and romantic debt of recognition and gratitude with him.

He emphasized at that time that the artist is a true ambassador of music, who has won the affection and respect of the public, both in Dominican and in dozens of other countries.

Also “because of the imperative need to receive it now in life, not expect it to die, because the artistic world, both nationally and internationally, will inquire about Anthony and Acroarte will not be able to say” we reward him “.

Méndez told the directors of Adompretur-NY and Prenco that he has reliable information that the Acroarte board of directors in the country had accepted his request and proposed to deliver the Great Sovereign while he was alive. “So I hope that these entities, to which I belong, request that this award be delivered posthumously,” he said.

In addition, that we make a mass in rest to your soul, next Wednesday, the 13th, when the nine days are celebrated, in the church San Judas Tadeo, located in the street 204 with the Tenth Avenue, in the Upper Manhattan.

The petition is signed by the author of this chronicle as president of the two organizations, David William, Alberto Jiménez, Román Polanco, William Jiménez, José Rodríguez, Félix Grant, Erasmo Chalas, and Darío Abreu, among others.

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