Sentence 7 Year to Dominican in Boston for money laundering on internal tax checks

NEW YORK. – The Dominican Francisco Oscar Grullón García (Frank), who after being arrested for theft of hundreds of checks from the United States Income Tax Service (IRS), fled to the Dominican Republic, where he was captured and extradited to Massachusetts He was sentenced this week to 7 years in a federal prison and the restitution of $ 1.6 million in compensation.

Grullón García, 52, was sentenced by the federal court judge in the Boston district, and will be deported to his country after serving his sentence, the prosecution said in a statement Tuesday.

Federal prosecutor Andrew Lelling said in the statement that Grullón García was found guilty of a charge of conspiracy, 15 charges of robbery or conversion of United States property and a charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering after a trial of Six days in April of this year.

Grullón was arrested in the Dominican Republic and extradited to the United States in 2018.

He conspired with lawyer David R. Cohen, who in 2016 was convicted of his role in the scheme to deposit and launder more than 100 IRS tax refund checks obtained fraudulently. Grullón used 11 accounts in five different banks, prosecutor Lelling said.

The controls were based on fraudulent tax returns with false information on federal W-2 forms, usually with the name and social security number of Puerto Rican citizens, where Puerto Ricans are not required to submit federal tax returns .

Once fraudulent returns were accepted by the IRS, refund checks were sent to addresses in Lawrence, East Boston and New York.

From October 2011 to November 2013, Grullón and his accomplices obtained and negotiated more than $ 1.6 million in fraudulent checks, including almost $ 1 million in checks that were returned by the IRS as payments for tax returns of the alleged taxpayers.

Grullón and his accomplices deposited the checks in bank accounts in the name of a fictitious company, which they named “AD Professional Association Inc”, and in the trust accounts of clients of lawyer Cohen, who were his accomplices.

When the bank officials asked him about the suspicious amount of US Treasury checks, Grullón falsely claimed that he was depositing them as a favor for his friends and that he had a license to change checks.

But after several banks closed their accounts, Grullón and Cohen recruited a third accomplice and opened accounts in the name of “AD Professional Association Inc”, depositing more than $ 500,000 in treasury checks and withdrawing hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.

Lelling, Kristina O’Connell, IRS special investigative agent, Jason Molina, who acts as a special agent in charge of investigations of the Department of Homeland Security in Boston and Stephen A. Marks, special agent in charge of the Field Division of the Boston’s secret service announced Grullón’s conviction.

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