Surgeon Héctor Cabral was expelled from the US and sentenced to return money to victims

USA – Plastic surgeon Héctor Cabral Guerrero, now charged with the death of the mother of Instagramer Yatnna Rivera, was expelled for three years from the United States, after reaching an agreement with the state attorney’s office to plead guilty charge of illegal practice of medicine, being sentenced to a fine of $ 5,000 dollars, $ 23,055 dollars in restitution to victims who operated in an apartment in the Bronx.

He was also sentenced to 250 hours of community service in the Dominican Republic.

With the agreement, Cabral evaded a sentence of 20 years in prison, when he was sentenced on April 4, 2012 in the State Supreme Court in Manhattan, by Judge Laura Ward, but the agreement proposed to Cabral by the then Attorney General of state Eric Schneiderman, was criticized by the victims and observers of the process.

The state prosecutor, was forced to resign from the post, after several women accused him of harassing them sexually, several years ago.

One of the victims of Cabral, Erika Hernández, who after being operated by Cabral, died 15 days later in a clinic in Santiago de los Caballeros, and paid $ 6,000 dollars, being mutilated and with deep wounds that were rotting.

Cabral, was originally charged with ten counts of illegal medical practice, as he was not licensed by the state of New York, in addition to the mutilations of women, but through the agreement the accusations were reduced to one.

It is unknown if the surgeon, who was also accused of compulsively recruiting dozens of women in beauty salons and spas in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx, subsequently returned to the United States after his exclusion, through which he signed voluntary departure , according to sources of the prosecution.

He was accused of being involved in women since 2006 and was arrested in 2011.

After arriving in the Dominican Republic, Cabral continued his practice, also facing other accusations in cases similar to that of Rivera’s mother.

Hernandez, who was 31 years old, traveled from Upper Manhattan to Cabral’s clinic in Santo Domingo in May 2012 for an operation that would have cost him more than $ 15,000 in New York, but the surgeon did an abdomino plasty, liposuction , lipo sculpting and gluteal implants for $ 6,000.

The seven-hour surgery was not even finished when the anesthesia began to disappear, and Hernandez woke up cursing because of the severe pain and reported that one of Cabral’s assistants ordered her to shut up.

Hernandez told the nightmare to her friend Jennifer Torres, who accompanied her.

“Erika came out crying. She said her right leg hurt, “Torres told local media.

After 17 days of unbearable pain and high fever, Hernández died on August 29 at another clinic in Santiago.

“It’s pure bad practice,” said Hernandez’s mother, Adela Ventura, who blames not only Cabral but also the New York authorities who released the butcher. He added that “it was a murder, what he did, because he knew of his condition.”

Cabral, 52 years old, examined women, sometimes drawing on their bodies with markers, and encouraged them to visit their International Center for the Advance (CIPLA) in Santo Domingo.

The prosecutor reached an agreement before the trial. Cabral pleaded guilty to only one charge, was not sentenced to jail and, instead, was fined $ 5,000, ordered to pay $ 23,055 in restitution and to do 250 hours of community service in the Dominican Republic.

During the sentence, Lisette Mejia, who was a patient of Cabral and a resident of the Bronx, said that she woke up with the skin of her burned belly.

“He just sent me to New York to die,” she told the judge.

The clinic of Cabral was closed for 10 days in June 2012 by the Dominican authorities after three women died, all residents of the United States, but he who is the owner of the clinic, was not the surgeon who operated on the three women that died

“They should not have let him go kill my daughter,” said Mrs. Ventura.

A spokeswoman for the prosecutor said that when it became clear that Cabral would not go to jail, the prosecution insisted on the highest possible restitution allowed by law.

A court spokesman said after the ruling that the judge decided to respect the agreement with the prosecutor, who rejected Cabral’s prosecution.

Cabral’s brother said on Erika’s wall that all the proper procedures were followed and that she abandoned her treatment.

Hernandez was part of a lipo tourism group from New York to the Dominican Republic.

It is estimated that 80 percent of plastic surgery patients in the Dominican Republic live in the United States and other foreign countries.

In 2003, many women returned from the Dominican Republic with severe and disfigured bacterial infections, which required months of treatment with potent antibiotics.

After nine women, seven of them Dominican, living in New York became infected, the city’s Health Department issued warnings in 2004 against travel to the Dominican Republic for surgeries.

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