Temístocles Montás: “the PLD was intact after Leonel left”

SANTO DOMINGO. – The president of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Temístocles Montás, said yesterday that this political organization was “intact” after the resignation of former president Leonel Fernández and other political leaders.

“We made (in the Political Committee) an important evaluation of the situation of the party and I can assure you that in organizational terms the party is intact. Now what it is about is to relaunch the organization, to turn this party back into the institution that deserved the admiration of the Dominicans, the respect of the Dominicans, ”said the new leader of the PLD.

Speaking a few words after receiving a plaque of recognition from what was his political team, headed by trade leader Jhovanny Leyba, Montás informed that the Peledeist leadership is determined that their structures return to function as they always worked so that “ the PLD remains the instrument of changes that has been so far so that the Dominican Republic is really and effectively a nation where we are proud to live. ”

Montás defined the Dominican present characterized by a new stage that will mean a political transition in which President Danilo Medina and he will play an important role for the welfare of the Dominican people.

“That new transition that will take place from 2020 must have as its fundamental north the idea of ​​continuity with changes. We must continue giving good things continuity, but continue to produce changes so that we can transform the Dominican Republic in the coming years into a developed country, in a country where people manage to overcome all the precariousness we still have, ”said the president of the PLD.

He considered that “today’s country is not the one we found in 1996. With everything and still with the problems we have, we can proudly say today that we are the largest economy in this region.”

He said that with the governments of the PLD, “we have turned this small territory into the privileged destination of foreign investment; we have turned this small country into the privileged destination of tourism, that was not the case in the 1990s, so that the PLD has meant progress for the Dominican Republic ”.


“I want to tell you that for me the greatest honor that I have received in this life is to have been appointed President, even if I am interim of the PLD, and I say it definitely because it is about putting on the pants and shirt of Juan Bosch , and that means a lot, ”said Montás.

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