The capo César “El Abusador” acted freely for more than 20 years in the DR

After 20 years leading from the country an international drug trafficking network, which according to the US authorities introduced tons of cocaine and opioids into its territory “using violence and corruption”, the criminal structure of César Emilio Peralta, better known as “César The Abuser, ”was dismantled, Attorney General Jean Rodríguez reported yesterday.

However, the leader of that criminal structure has not been arrested, so Rodriguez asked him to surrender in the corresponding way.

He also reported that during 40 simultaneous searches in the National District, Santo Domingo Oeste, Santo Domingo Este, Santiago and La Romana in residences, discos and other commercial premises, three of the main leaders of the network and several front men were arrested.

The arrested Among those linked to the network are Baltazar Mesa, José Jesús Tapia Pérez and Sergio Gómez Díaz, main leaders of the criminal structure, and former Major League player Octavio Dotel.

Other related parties, among which there are several in the process of arrest, are also former Major League player Luis Castillo; Yeimi Verónica Núñez Rodríguez, Nathanael Castro Cordero, Edward Patricio Montero Cabral, Rodolfo Cedeño Ureña, Alan Gilberto Bueno Alcequiez, Rafael Reyes, Pablo Antonio Polanco Mateo, Roberto and José Cáceres.

In addition, the artistic entrepreneur Yadher Rafael Jáquez Araujo, Heriberto De La Cruz Pérez, José Bernabé Quiterio, Lidio Peña Mota, Ana Gregoria Pérez Then, Manuel Sánchez Pérez and Obispo Féliz Lorenzo.

In a report presented yesterday by the Department of the Treasury of the United States, on the drug trafficking network of Peralta, the expeloteros Dotel and Castillo are not included.

And from the list presented by the attorney, apart from Peralta, they are only indicated in the aforementioned report Jáquez Araujo and Castro Cordero.

His time has come. The attorney stressed that for more than two decades “César the abuser” was involved in the drug business in the country, the Caribbean and the United States, starting as a member of the criminal organizations of well-known drug traffickers of the past such as Rolando Florián Féliz, Pascual Cordero Martínez (El Chino), Manuel Mesa Beltré (El Gringo) and Quirino Ernesto Paulino Castillo.

He added that as his bosses were subjected to justice he managed to ascend to fill the void left by them, “creating a complex criminal structure that used the purchase of wills and acting outside the law and in impunity.”

He explained that to enter and launder the illicit money obtained from drug trafficking, “César the abuser” also created a complicated corporate framework to disguise the origin of his fortune, also using numerous individuals belonging to his family and social circle to hide his assets, and the expeloteros.

Extradition orders. informed that Mesa, Tapia Pérez, Gómez Díaz, and another ringleader of the criminal network called Jeifry del Rosario Gautier, who is in prison for other charges, will be presented shortly before the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) for knowledge of the procedure corresponding to his extradition, since they have been requested by the authorities of the United States.

Measures of coercion. He added that in the meantime the MP will focus in parallel on expanding the investigation, the submission to justice of the other 15 defendants whose number could vary, and in the execution of additional legal actions that will serve to condemn these additional defendants in the country , to completely dismantle the criminal network.

The investigation. The PGR said that due to the complexity, scope of the network, its silent way of operating, since the activity was carried out in more than one country, they requested the cooperation of the US Government and held numerous planning, strategic and operational meetings , outside and within the country, with agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Special Division of Transnational Organized Crime Investigation and the United States Department of Justice, in which explained that they successfully exchanged information on the investigations carried out by both countries.
He added that more than 700 people participated in the raids, including more than 50 prosecutors assisted by 150 support servers and more than 500 DNCD agents and members of the Ministry of Defense.

These covered more than 20 apartment buildings, including the Blue Tower, where Peralta resides, located in the Naco sector, 15 discos, 10 restaurants, six shopping centers and three plazas.

Castle would come. The expelotero Castillo questioned through his Instagram account that they link him to that drug trafficking network, and told CDN that he is willing to come when they require, that he has no business in the country and lives in Miami.

US Treasury Department Report

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), of the Department of the Treasury of the United States, included César Emilio Peralta in the list of important foreign drug traffickers who send drugs to their territory, in accordance with the Kinpgin Law. According to the report, Peralta and its criminal organization (Peralta DTO) used violence and corruption in the Dominican Republic to traffic tons of cocaine and opioids to the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe. “The United States Department of the Treasury is targeting these Dominican drug traffickers, their representatives and the nightclubs they have used for money laundering and trafficking of women,” said Sigal Mandelker, Undersecretary of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.

The agency cites as collaborators of the Peralta network Ramón Antonio del Rosario, alias “Toño Leña” and Kelvin Flaquer, both drug traffickers, the artistic promoter Yhader Jáquez Araujo (Jaque Mate) and the ex-military Carlos Ariel Fernández, who promotes clubs Also to Bernardo Valdez, Nathanael Castro Cordero, Jhonan Alexander and Boanerges Sánchez.

Of these, only Jáquez Araujo and Castro Cordero were cited yesterday by the attorney Jean Alain Rodríguez as part of the Maralious network of Peralta.

The US agency notes that the main washing mechanism used by the group are nightclubs located in Santo Domingo, controlled by Peralta or representatives.

Among these VIP Rooms, Flow Gallery Lounge, Aqua Club and La Kuora, where women trafficked from Venezuela and Colombia would be employed. In VIP Room there are local and foreign urban and salsa artists, bachateros and merengueros.


César Peralta’s Record
March of the year 2000

In that month he was arrested in the Alma Rosa sector, in Santo Domingo Este, in a house where 4.3 kilos of cocaine were seized.


He was subjected to justice for trafficking of 12 kilos of cocaine. In that case, two brothers from the drug dealer Rolando Florián Féliz, who were deceased, were also linked.

November 2007

The DNCD reported the arrest of Peralta, for being the leader of a band that on October 10 of that year collected a shipment of cocaine launched from a plane, at the Cuchilla batey, between Higüey and La Romana.

March 2008

The DNCD linked it in the traffic of 215 kilos of cocaine, introduced to the country by the Sabana Uvero beach, in Baní. Former Víctor Cordero Jiménez ordered the withdrawal of the accusation against Peralta, because the telephone interception orders did not correspond to the dates to be investigated.

February 2014

Police officers arrested Peralta in Santiago, because he would have shot three people when he left a bar on Máximo Gómez Avenue, and in a plaza in the Naco widening, in Santo Domingo. According to the police report, the defendant shot Manuel Enrique Ovalles, in the parking lot of a hotel of the Máximo Gómez, and the Venezuelan Federico Alberto Granado, in a shopping center in Naco. He is also credited with causing injuries to Alexander Ureña Martínez, in a club in the Evaristo Morales sector.

June 2019

The name of César Peralta, aka “The abuser”, came out this year in the incident in which the expelotero David Ortiz was injured, in a bar in Santo Domingo Este. It was attributed, what was ruled out, to order the death of Sixto David Fernández, who was the target of the attack.

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