The composer and arranger Victor Waill was found dead

Victor Waill

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – The composer, producer and Dominican arranger Víctor Waill was found dead on Monday morning. The musician was found by Jorge Luis Báez, brother of Wilfrido Vargas.

At the moment the cause of death is unknown. Víctor Waill was living in Santo Domingo at the home of Wilfrido Vargass mother.

After his beginnings in art as a merengue, Victor Waill developed his career in the salsa genre

as an interpreter and producer, for which he won the glory of being a forerunner of the so-called “Dominican salsa movement”. In addition, he pioneered the merenhouse variant called Merenhouse.

Waill produced for most of the Creole salsa players, among whom Alex Matos stands out, with themes such as “Como lo hizo” and “Que se ver los diablo. He also worked with him Salsera Revolution.


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