The DEA arrests Dominicans in the Bronx with 80 kilos of drug valued at US $ 3 million

The prosecutor of the Bronx Darcel Clark and other authorities, announced the confiscation of cocaine valued at $ 3 million dollars to a band to which several Dominicans belonged.

EEUU. Agents of the DEA and police of the Bronx, arrested several Dominicans who were in a narco gang to which the authorities confiscated 80 kilos of cocaine, valued in the street market in $ 3 million dollars, announced Wednesday the district attorney from that county Darcel Clark and other law enforcement authorities, at a press conference.

The prosecutor said nineteen suspects were indicted in a massive drug trafficking investigation in the Bronx in which 176 pounds of cocaine were seized with an estimated street value of nearly $ 3 million.

The one-year investigation was a joint operation of the DEA, the New York Police Department (NYPD), the District Attorney’s Office of the Bronx, and the Investigations Unit of the Department of Homeland Security, which culminated with three accusations of 227 charges for criminal sale and criminal possession of a controlled substance and conspiracy.

Between the leaders of the band, the authorities mention Elvis Gómez and Alvon Pierré, while among the other detainees are Devin Rivera, Rafael Guerrero, Audy Monzón, Robert Nieves, Michael Ortiz, Nicolás Beltré, Eladio Polanco and Jonathan Dávila, while they are being persecuted. Gómez, Frank Almanzar, Salathiel Mora, David Monet and Brandon Santaella.

Pierre and Gómez, each face an additional charge to operate as important traffickers.

The suspects are accused of selling large quantities of cocaine to drug traffickers, who repackaged in $ 10 or $ 20 packages and sold in the Valentine Avenue area, near East 187th Street and Grand Concourse Avenue in the Fordham neighborhood. Heights, prosecutor Clark said.

Five of the suspects distributed the drugs including MDMA pills, Alprazolam and Ketamine, in nightclubs throughout the city. Two of the suspects are accused of trying to obtain 1.25 pounds of controlled substances from abroad through international mail, but the pills were intercepted by authorities in Brussels.

“We will stop the illicit drug traffickers who devastate lives and neighborhoods,” Clark said in a statement on Wednesday.

“These defendants allegedly distributed large quantities of cocaine sold on the streets of the Bronx, and sold dangerous drugs in bars and nightclubs,” he added.

The agent in charge of National Security in New York, Ángel M. Meléndez, said that the drug raid will reduce the number of possible overdoses in the city.

“This is a case of street vendors who join forces to corner the cocaine market on the street and in clubs in the city,” Meléndez said in a statement.

“This high-profit business simply exploits the vulnerabilities of addicts, while searching for new clients at the club scene,” said the federal agent.

Fourteen of the suspects were arrested in an operation on May Day.

Twelve of them were tried in the State Supreme Court of the Bronx and two more are awaiting trial.

Five other defendants, including Gómez, have not been arrested.

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