The Dominican film “Qué León” is already on Netflix

From now on you can see on Netflix the Dominican film “Que León”, directed by the actor and filmmaker Frank Perozo. The film joins other local productions that have been disseminated through this online platform throughout Latin America.

The film that had the executive production of Caribbean Cinemas, had the management of its executive producers with Gustavo Rodríguez, Ceo of Spanglish Movies, who manages the international distribution part of the film and who was in charge of such an important agreement.

“Que León” became one of the most important films in Latin America last 2018, due to almost one million ticket offices sold globally among the 22 countries where it was exhibited commercially throughout its tour in cinemas.

While in the country it became the highest grossing local film of recent years with 424,907 ticket offices sold only in the Dominican market, with the record of the Dominican film with the highest international distribution in the history of Dominican cinema.


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