The mother of the son who died in the DR for lack of money contemplates legal action

The mother of the son who died in the DR due to lack of money contemplates legal actions against Corominas clinic

Mrs. Elba Peña, mother of Dominican David Peña, who was dying at the Corominas clinic in Santiago de los Caballeros, where while she was waiting to be treated in an emergency and with a piece of cardboard from a box covering the wound of a broken leg, announced that the family plans to take legal action against the health center, which could include a lawsuit for letting him die without even examining the patient.

While the remains of the young man were en route to Queens, where he lived with his mother and will be buried in that county, she described the clinic of Santiago de los Caballeros as indolent and negligent, which prides itself on its prestige and promotes that “health and the lives of our patients, is the top priority. ”

Funerals are scheduled for Sunday at a funeral home in Queens.

David suffered a brutal accident while riding his motorboat which, according to his mother, lost control.

He said that after the administration of the clinic, he demanded from the relatives 500 thousand pesos as a deposit to attend him, they offered 300 thousand, but that offer was rejected.

“He lost that life, for denying him medical service, that is not fair to anyone,” the mother added.

“He lost control and that’s when he fell, hitting himself on the head. It is not known how the coup struck, but I am unconscious, ”said Mrs. Peña.

The mother explained that David was first taken to the doctor Luis Espaillat hospital in Sabana Iglesias, a district of Santiago, because they could not immediately pay the high costs to save him, and there they gave him a referral.

In that hospital, they diagnosed blunt head trauma, according to the referral.

“How do you see a patient who has a blow to the head, is bleeding and not going to pay attention for money, with a broken leg and a cardboard on top?” Asked Mrs. Peña.

“They said very clearly that they would not admit it, that they would not enter it, until we deposited half a million,” he added.

He denounced that although the clinic was offered $ 300 thousand pesos ($ 6,000 dollars), they insisted that they were not going to attend the injured.

“We want to let the world know what’s going on there, and if we have to take legal action, we’re going to take it,” he added.

On the other hand, Corominas rejected the allegation of the relatives of the deceased, saying that Peña’s relatives in New York, those who were not even in the clinic, and the patient were offered all the usual services of Emergency as accident.

“And he did not die in our facilities, but in another care center where he was transferred,” argues the clinic.

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