The mystery of the attack on David Ortiz the Big Papi

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. More than 24 hours after the shooting attack that left the former Major League Baseball infielder, David Ortiz, badly wounded, the Dominican police still has no reason for this incident, has not identified the man who pulled the trigger, nor has informed of clues or the direction followed by the investigations.

Only hermetism. Or the excessive use of a cliché, which always “advances”, but nothing appears.

Little is known about the name of the individual under custody, Eddy Vladimir Feliz García, a presumed accomplice of the attack, which came to his hands by the wrath of the public who caught him and attacked without mercy, leaving him in poor condition, with face and body bloody.

  Ortiz received a short distance shot from the back, with an exit hole, and it is presumed that this projectile reached, in its trajectory, the right leg of the communicator Jhoel López, with whom he shared on the spot.

At 6:25 on Monday afternoon, Ortiz was transferred from Santo Domingo to Boston, where he arrived last night in an ambulance plane sent by the Red Sox, to be submitted today to another phase of medical care at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The attempted murder of Ortiz, a revered figure in the State of Massachusetts, occurred at a club on Presidente Vázquez Avenue, in Santo Domingo Este.

 A team of surgeons, led by Dr. Angel Gonzalez, operated on Ortiz for six hours and extracted part of his intestines and colon, as well as his gallbladder. The ex-baseball player also suffered liver damage.

In the midst of a sea of ​​gestures of solidarity and prayers for Ortiz’s life, flowing endlessly, simultaneously, with all kinds of conjecture and speculation in social networks, many have resorted to the imaginative and speculative in the extreme, while the country has relegated his current topical issues, turning his attention and fixing his eyes to the police, in a claim for swift and conclusive action on this case.

But as the time progresses today about 48 hours since this criminal attack on the life of the famed superstar, retired Major League Baseball, without any progress of the police investigation body, the community is still trapped in a pitiful trance of insecurity that charges force and alter your life, with your risks of emotional damage.

Three crucial issues
For the time being, the matter has the bulk of the population concentrated on three key issues pending the police investigation: The causes of the attack on Ortiz’s life, the identity of the gunman and, if the police officially establish that it is a case of hired assassins, then the search should go beyond the subject that shot to kill, and put the focus on the fatal figure that would be behind the shadow: the intellectual author.

Leo Lopez, the press assistant of David Ortíz, is convinced that the attack was “an act of hired killers,” a possibility that gains strength for him due to the fact that there are no signs of robbery or attempted assault, and that the intention was his murder. Witnesses say they saw the attackers talking to two other people in a car minutes before. Then, two men, on a motorcycle, attacked Ortiz.

The testimonies of affection and solidarity for David Ortiz come from all sectors and national and continental spheres. From Barack Obama, former president of the United States, to the famous urban exponent Daddy Yankee.

In the country, he was visited at the Abel González clinic, Vitelio Mejía, president of the Dominican Baseball League, who said he was sorry for what happened. Julio Lugo, former player of the Red Sox, said he felt “a very big pain” for everything that happened to Big Papi.

Know more
Sicariato is the name used to describe a type of qualified homicide (murder), and aggravated by the payment of an economic remuneration in exchange for the service of killing another person.

While Ortiz is recovering, the community remains trapped in a pitiful trance of insecurity that gains strength and alters his life, with its risks of emotional damage.

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