The percentage of Dominicans that reaches the Major Leagues goes up to 5.4%

The Bill submitted to the Senate the Romana Amarilis Santana (PLD) to regulate the signing of young players in the country raises in its fourth recital, based on information from the Ministry of Sports, that out of every thousand seeking signatures only five are recruited and one comes to the big leagues.

An extensive report by Time magazine of July 2010, with information from the MLB, says that in the 2000s only 2% of those registered in the country reached the maximum level. And an uprising by Mother Jones magazine in 2013 found that out of 832 Cubans who played in the Dominican Summer League in 2006, only 2.6% had reached the Grand Tent. But the data of the signings in the promotions of 2004-2012 raised by DL with information of the league and Baseball-Reference throw a much more optimistic panorama.

In that span of eight years, the teams allocated US $ 306,903,000 to sign 3,911 young Dominicans, of whom 213 have reached the Big Show, 5.4%.

It is a percentage that fluctuates between years. From the lowest logical for greater volume still in the minor leagues of 2012 (3.1%) to the top of 2011 (7.6%).

When a “Julio 2” signs with 16 years it takes between five and seven years to reach Las Mayores, except for recent exceptions such as Juan Soto (two) or as projected by Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Fernando Tatis III (three).

Aderlin Rodriguez, who signed in 2008 for a $ 600,000 bonus with the Mets, could not stay in the big team this time with the Padres and stretch up to 21 signed in that year they have already played, list that includes Michael Ynoa, receiver of the highest bonus for a pitcher, US $ 4.2 million.

When a player registers with less than 18 years the team can use it five seasons of minor leagues before placing it on a roster of 40 or expose themselves to losing it in a draw.

Better prepared?
There are 30 already registered in 2011 that step on Las Mayores (including Miguel Andújar, Nomar Mazara, Ronald Guzmán and Manuel Margot), the largest number since 2004 when DL began publishing the list of signed each year and its evolution. Amaury Nina, a former professional player and coach who has worked with prospects such as Eloy Jiménez, attributes part of that improvement in numbers to the professionalization of his colleagues, who, according to him, deliver more finished products to the MLB teams.

“I do not understand the senator, I imagine that the person who is advising her does not have numbers, because they are arriving much faster than before,” said Nina, who heads the International Prospect League.

He cites cases such as Rafael Devers (2013), Soto (2015) and Jiménez, who without having debuted at the Gran Carpa have just secured a US $ 43 million contract.

“Now the children are in academies that give them an adequate diet, a more advanced preparation and they are also giving them education. What the numbers say is that independent coaches are doing their job, “said Nina.

More with less
In 1990, 281 players were signed in the country for a total investment of US $ 750,000, according to league reports.

Of that group they arrived at Big Show 26 (9.2%), among them Julián Tavárez, Guillermo Mota, Willie Otáñez and Israel Alcántara. That number is almost half of those signed last year (737) for US $ 103,134,932.

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