The risks of being a friend of a pop star like Ariana Grande

The distancing between the singer and one of her friends has become evident now that they are not followed on Instagram and she has been forced to ask her fans not to start a campaign of harassment against the young woman.

Fans of Ariana Grande not only keep an eye on everything that their idol publishes on social networks, but also pay close attention to people who follow or stop following on social networks in hopes of predicting their new romances or Future breaks
Many of them have noticed that one of her former childhood friends, Alexa Luria, has ceased to be part of the select group of users that the singer follows on Instagram and has not taken long to begin to elaborate theories on what It could have happened between the two young women.

Finally, the pop star has been forced to confirm that today she no longer maintains such a close relationship as before with Alexa and hence she is not interested in seeing what she publishes on that platform.

«Sometimes people grow and distance themselves no matter how much they love each other or all the moments they have shared. With a bit of luck, it may be only temporary, ”he said in response to one of his followers.

On the other hand, the artist knows very well the extremes to which her ‘arianators’ are able to reach in her efforts to protect and avenge her against any kind of affront, and has insisted that it would hurt her greatly that some of her fans took advantage of this tessellation to attack Alexa.

«The only thing I ask of you all is that you do not meddle or make it the objective of your negativity. I just wanted to get ahead of that possibility, ”he added. «All I want is to protect her too. If you see someone doing just that at some point, please kindly ask him to stop.

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