There is an incident between Johnny Ventura and police officers in front of the Congress

Johnny Ventura and police
Johnny Ventura and police

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – At midday of this Tuesday an incident between members of the National Police and Johnny Ventura accompanied by several plastic artists, when they were prepared to demonstrate against the constitutional reform in the vicinity of the National Congress.

The clash occurred when members of the Police prevented the passage of several plastic artists who wanted to paint a mural on the sidewalk of the Municipal Palace, where the signatures against the constitutional reform are being collected.

“The incident we have here is very simple: plastic artists come to paint a mural and they prevent it, I am telling the commander to tell me what is the article of the Constitution or the Law that prevent them from painting a mural “Said Johnny Ventura who is a member of the Defense of the Constitution coalition. “But he has no answer, he has superior orders that they can not enter, and I am saying that this may be the last thing I do in my life, but they will enter,” he told the press that covers the incidents .

The police expressed that they could not let the plastic artists go by claiming that they did not

have a permit for it. “The instructions that there is is that they request it to the City council, and immediately they will be let them happen”, answered one of the uniformed ones to Ventura that was accompanied by the lawyer Namphy Rodriguez.

Rodriguez demanded that artists be allowed to express themselves freely against the moment the country is living.

“Citizens have the right to protest and express themselves, without prior permission from the authority. To condition that citizens ask permission from the authority is a violation of the fundamental principle of the right to express opinion and the right of opinion of citizens. The fundamental of this here is that all citizens, without distinguishing between businessmen, politicians, legislators, have the right to demonstrate in this esplanade without permission from the authorities and that right is being violated in the sense that permission is being sought from the authority for artists to express themselves, “he said.

The Coalition for the Defense of the Constitution and Democracy collects signatures against a possible constitutional reform from Monday in the camp installed in the vicinity of the National Congress, where it will be held during this week and probably next.


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