They arrested and release John McAfee in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. –  The billionaire and founder of the McAfee antivirus company, John McAfee, arrested in Puerto Plata with a group of foreigners after finding guns of various calibers and other supplies on a yacht in Ocean World published a photo on his Twitter account giving to understand that he is already free.

Through a collage of photographs in which military men are observed, with the location of Ibert Puerto Plata, the billionaire said he was leaving the detention.

“Abandonment of detention (don’t judge my appearance – four days of confinement). I was well treated. My superiors were friendly and helpful. Despite the circumstances, we have decided to move on. More later, ”McAfee wrote next to a photo on his Twitter account.

McAfee was arrested last Monday when he landed his boat, “The Great Mystery,” in the bay of the Ocean World water park in Puerto Plata, in the north of the country.

The boat with a Lexington rifle, a pistol, loaders and cartridges, police spokesman Colonel Francisco Sánchez Tapia told Efe, were held by the authorities and were under investigation.

On Friday 19 of this month the tycoon wrote on his Twitter account that the CIA had tried to capture him for what he was in the sea and would remain hidden for a while.

McAfee said the US authorities persecute him for “not filing tax returns,” which he considered “not a crime.”

McAfee began his career as a NASA engineer before working at several computer companies, where he discovered the existence of a virus that he intended to destroy. Thus was born in 1987 the McAfee company, a giant of antivirus software that sold to Intel in 2010. It has amassed a fortune estimated at 100 million dollars.

But his success story, worthy of the American dream and the careers of a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates, took an unexpected turn: he became a kind of adventurer and settled in Belize, where he made headlines in 2012 when his neighbor was murdered. A crime still unsolved. After the police discovered that she lived with a 17-year-old girl and with multiple firearms in her house, she starred in a rocambolesque escape that kept the media in suspense for a month.

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