They took them to several ATMs, they beat them and they try to kill them


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Two young men reported that they were kidnapped early Sunday morning when they left a friend’s apartment.

They assured that they were forced into a white Sonata car, beaten, stripped of everything.

Both are in a private medical center receiving medical attention. One of them in delicate condition and surgically intervened.

According to relatives of the young people, they left the house of a friend, tried to take the other friend to their house, and when they went to board the car they were hoisted and mounted in a

vehicle where they proceeded to beat him to rob them.

Supposedly they had them from 3:00 in the morning until 5:00 am, taking them from the cashier to the cashier so they could get money, and since they did not have them they beat them.

Later they would have taken him to the Malecón, supposedly to kill them and throw them into the sea.
But they assure that they could escape and they ran to Adrián Tropical restaurant from where they asked for help and someone called 911.


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