This is why the movie “Que León” enters to Netflix

The entry of the Dominican comedy “Que León” on the Netfix grill announced by the Caribbean Cinemas Network, transcends the closing of a commercial contract to show a Creole film to that platform.

For the Dominican film industry it is a step of transcendental importance, which shows that it is possible to enter markets that are demanding and that demand production values ​​of a level that can be inserted in the criteria of a platform that, like this one, is the most important of the world.

Netflix currently has 139 million subscribers in the world, 60% of which correspond to Latin America, and having as main markets Mexico, Brazil and Argentina; users who must now show if “Que León” has the conditions to guarantee that it has opened a window to Dominican cinema. It is expected.

The film directed by the filmmaker Frank Perozo, and executive production of Caribbean Cinemas, will be officially available on the Netflix platform for the Latin American market before the end of 2019. All thanks to the efforts of @SpanglishMovies

As a clearly commercial project, it involves production values ​​that stand out in the face of that local film market:

-The presence of internationally recognized figures, especially Ozuna, a singer who is in the top of popularity and sales, as well as the former beauty and talent queen of Univisión, Clarisa Molina, of wide projection in the Latin American television market.

– A script with drag and simplicity that hooks, written by José Ramón Alama.

Puerto Rico media recognition talents: Jaime Mayol, Jorge Pabón “El Molusco” and Roger Wasserman.

-Your numbers:

A) 1 million tickets sold
B) Exhibition in 22 countries
C) 424, 907 ticket offices sold in the Dominican market, to establish a record total of historical sales for a Dominican film

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