Three Dominicans Accused of Killing Narco in New Jersey

New JerseyBergen County prosecutors in New Jersey accuse Dominicans Carlos Burgos, 19, Raúl Torres (19) and David Martínez (18), of murdering alleged drug trafficker David Duque Soto, on Saturday. last week when the defendants went to the home of the victim of 23, accompanied by African-American Lexie Burke, to steal drugs, money and weapons.

Another accomplice, Dylan Rodriguez of North Bergen, received the gun from Martínez and hid it in a house where he does not live.

A statement from the Bergen County District Attorney’s Office, Mark Musella, says Martinez and Burke are charged with felony murder felonies, conspiracy to commit robbery with escalation and first-degree weapons.

The murder was perpetrated at Soto’s residence in the town of Fairview at 8:00 pm on the Saturday night of the previous week.

The four men went to Soto’s apartment on Fourth Street, with the plan to steal drugs and money, the prosecutor added.

The police found Duque Soto dead in an apartment on the ground floor of the building.

“During the commission of the robbery, the victim was shot deadly,” said the Public Ministry.

After the shooting, Burgos met the also Dominican Dylan Rodriguez, 18, in North Bergen and handed him the gun used in the murder. Rodriguez hid the gun in a house.

The authorities accused Rodríguez of crimes that include obstructing detention, weapons and possession of marijuana with the intention of trafficking her.

The five were sent to the Hudson County jail before court hearings in Bergen County, where they are held without bail.

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