Three women die carbonized when hit with electric pole in NY

NEW YORKThree young women were burnt to death by the collision of a vehicle, a black 2010 Jeep Liberty, with an electric pole on the Coram Road in the exclusive suburb of Mount Sinai on Long Island, and the bodies were burned to the ground. Because of the dentures, forensic doctors have been able to identify the dead, although family members said that among the victims were Almost Fricker, 23, and Rebecca Lynn Minunno, 24, who had graduated from the same high school with the third victim, whose name has not been revealed.


Researchers assured Tuesday night that there is no evidence of alcohol, drugs, speeding or erratic driving, so the origin of why the jeep hit the post after 11 o’clock is unknown. : 00 at night.


The investigation is still active, said Mount Sinai police Lt. David Teufel, adding that a local fireman was driving behind the women’s jeep and witnessed the atrocious accident, got out of his vehicle and tried to get to the scene to help them, but high voltage and the flames were so powerful, that he was forced to retreat.

The road remained closed late Tuesday night, as Suffolk County police tried to determine why the vehicle veered and hit the electric pole, whose transformer exploded.

“This vehicle went immediately. The pole collapsed, covering the jeep with electric cables, “Lieutenant Teufel explained.

“He tried everything he could do to help the girls in the car, but he could not,” Teufel said of the firefighter’s effort.

Although neighbors complain about speeding on the highway, which has a limit of 40 mph, police said there is no evidence of excessive speed.

Deer often cross the stretch of the road and that is still a possible reason for the accident.

“It was a horrible car accident,” said the lieutenant who spoke near the scene on Tuesday afternoon.

“For some reason the vehicle left the road,” he added.

The firefighters could only watch from a distance without being able to do anything, since the vehicle was burned because the ground was also electrified, said the chief of fire at Mount Sinai, Nicholas Beckman.

“Power lines were arching everywhere,” he said. “We could not do anything until the electricity was cut off.”

Once the Long Island gas and electric company, PSEG disconnected the system, the firefighters put out the flames in 10 minutes, Beckman said.

The police believe that the women were going to the house of a friend.

Robert Minunno, Rebecca’s father, said the three were inseparable friends since they met in high school and that his daughter owned the SUV but was not driving at the time.

He said he handed over his daughter’s dental records to the police on Tuesday.

“I have not even been able to identify my daughter through dental records,” Minunno said as he tried to hold back the sobs. “You can imagine how sad it must be at this moment. At this moment, so raw, I can not even go to see her to identify her. I’ve been going through my waves of shock. ”

Investigators are still working to determine the cause of the accident, including the video surveillance of security cameras, but witnesses told police that the Jeep was not speeding.

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