Three women have given birth in the car of a Dominican taxi driver who helped them give birth

New York. – Three women have given birth while traveling in the SUV Toyota Highlander car of Dominican taxi driver Luis Leonardo, who since 2014 assisted the parturients to bring their babies to the world in the back of the unit, from the 440 Car Car Services base in the Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, where the driver has been working for several years.

In the most recent case, an African-American was forced to give birth in the backseat of Leonardo’s vehicle, who was giving instructions on how to handle the situation to her and the husband, who accompanied her to the hospital. The delivery occurred on July 13, but the driver uploaded the video on Wednesday of this week.

“Breathe mom, breathe, calm!” Leonardo said to the mother, while not releasing the steering wheel, because she did not park because she was accompanied.

The baby’s father collaborated following the guidelines of the Dominican taxi driver and the baby arrived in the world traveling the taxi, but safe and sound.

The video of that birth, which was recorded by the camera on the front panel of Leonardo’s unit, recorded the entire incidence of birth and has become viral on social networks.

But, although the taxi driver has the complaint that the creature’s father did not want to give him a tip to help clean the seat that served as a “delivery room,” he would have had to pay $ 190, receiving $ 30, the rate of the trip, he said he is satisfied to be able to help, because the most important thing is that the baby be born healthy and without problems.

Leonardo, 34, said last month’s delivery was the third one he has had to deal with.

“He was ready for the situation,” said the taxi driver who is the father of two children, explaining that he remained calm under pressure during the dramatic birth on the congested Brooklyn Eastern Parkway in the early hours of July 13.

In the video, Leonardo is heard asking the father of the newborn creature to give him some more money.

The taxi driver said that despite that, there are no resentments.

“I told him, not to worry about that. God bless the baby, ”Leonardo said.

He cleaned the seat in front of the Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, Brooklyn, saying he bought a pair of gloves and did it himself. “I didn’t want to go to the car wash.”

He recalled that he helped give birth to two children in 2014 when different women also gave birth in the backseat, and said those births were more messy.

“I understand that the fountain broke before getting into the car. That was his situation. But you know, we did what we had to do, “he explained.

“You never know what will happen. Only your reaction. You just have to deal with the situation, “advises the taxi driver.

While driving, Leonardo said to the woman: “Take it out. Do the magic Do the magic, open your legs, damn it…! ”

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