TSE rejects instance submitted by Leonel who sought to avoid proclamation of Gonzalo

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In a prolonged hearing that lasted for more than 12 hours, the Superior Electoral Court rejected this morning an instance submitted by the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Leonel Fernández, in which he requested that Gonzalo Castillo not be proclaimed as winner of the primary until a forensic audit will be carried out on the equipment that was used in the process last Sunday.

In that sense, he ruled that Fernandez must abide by the proclamation of Castillo as the winner of the primaries.

The high court, composed of judges Román Jáquez Liranzo, president; Rafaelina Peralta, Ramón Arístides Madera Arias, Cristian Perdomo and Santiago Sosa, made the decision considering that “the plaintiff failed to prove that the damages invoked are irreparable.” The decision was made with the dissenting vote of Judge Madera Arias.

In suspense

The TSE kept the country last night during the knowledge of the demand in a referral of extreme urgency presented on Wednesday afternoon by former president Leonel Fernández, in demand for the suspension of the disclosure of the final calculation and the proclamation of Castillo, his main contender

Through his legal defense, Fernández insisted yesterday before the TSE judges that the automated voting system used by the Central Electoral Board (JCE) in the primary last Sunday was manipulated.

In a courtroom full of peledeítas of the two pre-candidacies, the lawyer Manuel Fermín, who coordinates the defense council of former president Fernández, said that more than 2,000 teams of the automated voting project were not used and that the JCE never reported that situation.

In addition, he relied on the report of the Citizen Participation movement, which observed the process, in which he found that during the voting irregularities occurred, such as the purchase of ID cards and the inconsistency of automated votes with physicists in many venues.

Fermín was the first to intervene, when the hearing resumed at 4:00 in the afternoon, after a postponement arranged by the TSE at 11:30 in the morning for reciprocal communication of documents, at the request of the JCE.

The organ in charge of the organization of the primaries is sued together with the PLD and Gonzalo Castillo, who preliminary data outlines him as the winner of the presidential candidacy in the primaries held by that party.

When the president of the TSE, Román Jáquez Liranzo was going to announce the postponement of the hearing, there was a blackout that lasted seconds, which attracted attention in the room.

They rejected resources

The TSE declared itself competent to hear the appeal submitted by Fernández, who seeks that Castillo is not proclaimed as the winner of the primaries last Sunday, until a forensic audit is performed on the equipment used in the process.

The magistrates, who voted the decision unanimously, understood that the court had jurisdiction to hear the appeal filed by Fernández’s team, noting that he is one of the main candidates who considers the process illegitimate.

Leonel’s orders

Through his legal defense, the presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Leonel Fernández, insisted yesterday before the judges of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE), that the automated voting system used by the Central Board Electoral (JCE) in the primary of October 6 was manipulated, during the knowledge of the demand in referral of extreme urgency that presented Wednesday afternoon in claim of the suspension of the disclosure of the final calculation and the proclamation of Gonzalo Castillo , its main contender.

Audience continued

After 12:30 at night, the parties continued to present themselves before the judges and it was not informed if the decision was to end the hearing at dawn and fail it, or if on the contrary some recess would be taken.

Primary Results

The electronic counting of the JCE of the primaries of last Sunday showed that the presidential candidate of the PLD with the highest vote was Gonzalo Castillo, who obtained 911,993, equivalent to 48.70%, while Leonel Fernández was below with 885,233, equal to 47.28%.


Leonel Former President Leonel Fernández was represented by Manuel Fermín Cabral, Namphy Rodríguez, Manuel Núñez, Manuel Ulises Bonelly, Eduard Veras Vargas, Daniel Beltré and Daniel Beltré Acosta.

PLD Defense The PLD defense bar is made up of lawyers Julio Cury, Eduardo Jorge Prats, Cristóbal Rodríguez, Carlos Salcedo and Rubén Puntier.

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