United States deport 68 Dominican

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service of the United States, for its acronym in English ICE, on Wednesday deported to the country to 68 Dominican ex-offenders, after serving sentences in jails of that nation accused of drug trafficking, crime, assaults and other misdemeanors.

The ex-convicts arrived in the country on a special aircraft leased by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service that landed at the Las Americas International Airport on Wednesday afternoon from US territory.

The group of deportees consisted of 67 men of different ages and only one woman, who served sentences for different crimes.

In less than three months, the government of the United States has deported 390 Dominican ex-offenders to the country after serving sentences in North American prisons accused of drug trafficking, homicides, assaults, surveillance, money laundering and other federal crimes committed in the territory. U.S.

 From the Las Américas terminal, the 68 former inmates were transported to the Deportidos Retention Center of the General Immigration Office located in the Haina community.

 In that place the ex-prisoners are investigated and if they do not have pending issues with the Dominican authorities they are handed over to their relatives.

The repatriations of the Creoles who have served sentences in North American prisons occur every 15 days in the country.

 These are transferred to the country, in aircraft leased by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service. UU, which transports them to the country, through the Las Americas International Airport, after they have been placed on deportation lists.

It is recalled that last year 2018 the US government deported to the Dominican Republic, 1,725 ​​Creole ex-offenders who served sentences of 05.10 and 15 years in US prison campuses.

 The repatriates were accused of drug trafficking, murder, assault, watching, premeditated fire, kidnapping, money laundering, terrorism and other federal violations.

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