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Video: Hooded men execute a Dominican at point-blank range in Upper Manhattan

NEW YORK. Two hooded men aboard a passageway shot a Dominican who was identified by residents of the area as 26-year-old “Cheyenne” and who they said was an aspiring rapper.

Those close to the family said he was the only child of his mother named Carmen and resided in the area of 172nd Street and Audubon Avenue, not far from where he was killed.

The crime was perpetrated by unknown persons on Wednesday shortly after 11:00 p.m., in front of the McGonnel Funeral Home and near La Encarnación Catholic Church in the block of Saint Nicholas Avenue (Juan Pablo Duarte Boulevard) and 175th street.

The complete video of the execution obtained yesterday by this reporter shows when the victim was walking along the sidewalk of the avenue and heading to the corner of 175th Street, when suddenly, the executors appeared at full speed in the passage.

The one in the back, covering his head and face with a white hood, wielded the pistol when his accomplice who was leading the passage, stopped in front of the victim and without saying a word, shot him in the face.

“Cheyenne” tried to flee from the chase, managed to reach 175th Street, tried to keep escaping but collapsed in agony on the asphalt.

Immediately, numerous passers-by and onlookers who said they had heard between 7 to 8 shots, crowded together and some began to record the horrifying scene, in which the victim fell face down with his face sealed by thick blood.

Police from Barracks 33 who arrived at the scene applied first aid by hitting him on the chest in an attempt to save him, but the effort was useless.

The man, mortally wounded, was transported to Harlem Hospital at 135th Street and Lenox Avenue, where his death was certified.

He was shot in the arm, chest and shoulder.

Police surrounded the block from the front of the funeral home to Wadsworth Avenue to avoid contamination of the evidence, and police forensic investigators were working at the scene until late Thursday afternoon.

Block residents and shopkeepers said they knew the victim because he spent his days and part of the nights parked on the same block where he was killed.

“I saw him every day, standing there in front of the furniture store,” said a Dominican who declined to identify himself.

“Of course, I had seen him many times because he was standing right there where he was killed”, a woman who also did not identify herself, deploring the murder.

At the end of this chronicle, the police had not announced arrests in relation to the homicide that continues to affect the neighborhood in downtown Washington Heitghs and whose residents continue to denounce the wave of violence, chaos and street disorders that affect the quality of life in the sector .

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