(VIDEO) Moment where kill Dominican Luigi Acosta better known as La Garata Films

The Dominican barber and youtuber known in social networks as “La Garata Films“, whose name was Luigi Acosta, 35 years old, was shot dead in the chest yesterday afternoon in a street of the Northeast Miami Dade, while begging the assassin not to kill him after the alleged killer, went with another man to his barbershop from where he fired a shot into the street, and was confronted by the victim.

(VIDEO) Moment where kill Dominican Luigi Acosta better known as “La Garata Films”

Video Source: Dominican Republic News

The Dominican Vinicio Barras, who friend and client of Luigi’s barbershop, reported that he saw the incident since it started until the barber was killed, after falling to the pavement and begging for his life, but the murderer shot him in the chest.

“I was the one who gave him first aid when he was on the ground,” Barras said.

He said he had known the barber for 15 years and called the murder very sad.

“He was a young man, full of life, who lost his life like that, I feel very sad,” Barras told Telemundo in Miami Dade.

Neighbors of the barbershop said that the barber ran away, when the killer held the gun in his hand and chased after him, killing him after falling.

“They were two shooting and when he crossed the street, they gave him a shot and they gave him to him on the floor, because he was saying not to kill him, but they murdered him on the ground,” Barras said.


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