Video of DNCD agents putting drugs unleashes hornet in the country

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – It is not amazing news, because of its recurring practice, but it does fall as a devastating blow to the attempts to clear the image of two institutions, and more frustration for the citizens, the fact that agents of the National Directorate of Drug Control and a prosecutor they have become the epicenter of a scandal for allegedly implanting drugs in a barber shop in Villa Vásquez, in the Montecristi province.

Thus, the distrust of the population has again surfaced in cases of joint action by forces of the justice system and prosecutors of drug-related violations.

And all this consigned by the documentation of the event, collected by a surveillance camera of the hairdresser.

A video showing the search of a barber shop in the Villa Vásquez municipality has put a prosecutor and a group of agents of the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) under suspicion of the authorities.

The scandal unleashed by the recordings has caused the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to temporarily suspend the prosecutor Carmen Lisset Núñez, so that through the General Inspectorate of that institution, an extensive investigation into the facts is carried out.

However, the president of the DNCD, Vice Admiral Felix Alburquerque Comprés, warned yesterday that if they did not find the evidence they would bring to justice the author of the video of the raid that went viral on social networks, where it is observed that the agents allegedly placed drugs in the barber shop.

Albuquerque said they will not allow the institution’s work to tarnish.

“We are in a process of credibility and respect for citizens and we will not allow anything to tarnish the institution,” said the president of the DNCD.

While the attorney Jean Alain Rodríguez indicated that “the Public Ministry is currently analyzing all the evidence collected at the site and questioning the necessary people and determining that the acting officers, both of the DNCD and the Public Ministry had their responsibility compromised criminal, will act without contemplation and according to the provisions of the rules.

Rodriguez confirmed with Albuquerque that if the complaint turns out to be false, it would also proceed according to the norm.

Research still in progress

The Office of the Prosecutor explained that accusing the prosecutor is still anticipated since at no time in the video is she seen committing said act.

Court order
The institution explained in a preliminary statement that the search is contemplated in court order No. 611-1-2019 SAUJ-00808, by which it authorized the operation to the Barber Shop on July 31 of this year.

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