Who they confused with David Ortiz had said that he had no enemies

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – The man identified as the person they confused when they fired expeller David Ortiz had said on another occasion that he did not have any enemies, however, authorities explained that his cousin was “the only person with interest and threats of Attempt against his life. ”

Last Wednesday, the Attorney General of the Republic and the director of the National Police indicated that when they identified Sixto David Fernández through the photograph exchanged between the executors of the attack, which occurred on Sunday 9, and one of the intellectual authors, this was required to be interrogated.

During the press conference offered jointly, Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez and Major General Ney Aldrin Bautista Almonte, reported that Fernandez told them in the interrogations that Victor Hugo Gomez, alleged mastermind, is “the only person with interest and threats of attempting against his life for a fact that occurred a few years earlier, when Víctor Hugo Gómez was arrested by the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD), and that it could have been interpreted as an act of denunciation against him. ”

Five days before the event occurred on social networks, Fernández was indicated as the person to whom the attack was directed and who was confused with Ortiz.

On this version, which had not been officially given by the authorities, Fernandez said he had no knowledge of where those comments came from and that he does not have any enemies.

“I am a very nice person that everyone knows me and I do not know what that is, if it’s something they say, I do not even have an enemy cat,” he said when interviewed by telephone on the radio program Sol de la Morning.

“I do not have a single enemy, not a cat, I do not know where these rumors come from,” he reiterated to Fernandez, who said he is a merchant who has a welding and de-soling workshop.

Yesterday the authorities pointed to Víctor Hugo Gómez as a dangerous fugitive from the US justice system, actively sought by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for belonging to the fearsome and well-known Gulf Cartel.

They also indicated that the investigation that Víctor Hugo Gómez was seized by the DNCD and subjected to the action of the justice in 2011 for matters related to drug trafficking.

In that same order, they detailed that the last place where Víctor Hugo Gómez is located is in the United States and from where it is presumed the attack was planned and the plan was orchestrated to assassinate Sixto David Fernández.

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