¿Why did mozart la para and alexandra break up?

¿Why did mozart la para and alexandra break up?
¿Why did mozart la para and alexandra break up?

Mozart la Para and Alexandra Hatcu broke up romantic relationships. One of the most stable couples in the artistic world officially announced that she separates after 10 years of marriage and a daughter.

Next, the statement published by Alexandra Hatcu, who argued that it is a joint decision and asks for respect for themselves and their families.

Erickson Fernández and Alexandra Hatcu, we want to communicate with a lot of respect and esteem to our public, friends and related, that we started a separation process after 10 years of marriage. It is a very thoughtful, mature decision, by mutual agreement and from the love and respect we have.

We will always remain a family, where love and respect will continue to remain between the two to continue being life and formation partners of our little Charlotte.

We ask all media to respect both us and our families and especially our daughter and that the privacy with which we decided to take this step be respected.


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