Woman dies when cosmetic surgery was practiced, Daughter denounces bad practice

Woman dies when cosmetic surgery was practiced, Daughter denounces bad practice
Dominican Republic. Another woman died in the middle of a cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Héctor Cabral, owner of the International Center for Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA), according to the victim’s daughter, Yatnna Rivera.

By offering the information through a video posted on his Instagram, Rivera, who is a model, accused the doctor of medical malpractice.

In the midst of the tears he pointed out that the employees of the center, when he arrived at the place and asked for the doctor, nobody knew what his office was.

Explains that the doctor “disappeared without showing his face”, after what happened.

“They enter her at 9 o’clock in the morning to operate and at one o’clock in the afternoon they tell her that since they started she gave her a stop, saying they had her stable,” says the girl in the video.

He explains that the clinic informed him that the death was caused by a fault that his mother had but that before operating her tests came out in perfect condition.

The victim, 51 years old, had planned to reduce her breasts and extract seromas (fluid accumulation).

Other deaths

In June of last year, the Dominican Katherine Jacqueline Pérez Minaya traveled to the country from the United States, to undergo plastic surgery and suffered a cardiac arrest during the procedure that was in charge of Dr. Cabral.

While in 2017 at least four women died after undergoing cosmetic surgeries in the same center.

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