Woman operated by Dr Héctor Cabral returned to NY with fear of being semi-paralyzed

NEW YORK. Dominican Larimar Jaquez, who was operated a few days ago by surgeon Hector Cabral Guerrero, said she returned to New York on Friday with much fear of being paralyzed, due to the strong and unbearable pain she continues to feel in one of His legs after undergoing a cosmetic surgery in the clinic of the questioned doctor, accused of allowing several women to die, so he had to go to the emergency room of a local hospital to be treated.

She pointed out that the pains are very strong and constant, and they do not let her sleep. He explained that the amount of fat that was placed on his hips and buttocks, compressed the sciatic nerve so he can not walk well.

She said she is very scared and will undergo magnetic resonance imaging in New York to try to control her nerves, because she is afraid of remaining permanently afflicted as a result of the surgery.

She relates that the pain in one of her legs is so powerful that it takes away her sleep.

“Every time they had to take me there, where they injected me for pain, and the therapy they gave me was with electric shocks and they put me down and up the leg,” Jaquez said.

He said he is taking therapy, because his fear is increasing, because at this time, Cabral will not be able to follow up on his situation due to the legal problems he faces again, after the death of the mother of the instagram Yatnna Rivera, Altagracia Díaz, who was operated and died after surgery.

Speaking in an interview with Dominican reporter Gary Merson of the Univision 41 newscast, Jaquez confessed that he was afraid and this is the third surgery he undergoes.

He said that three other women were also operated on the same day as her.

“It was not just me, there were three more girls who had surgery days before and after me,” he added.

He explained that he had 13 days in the procedure.

She was accompanied by her daughter, who said that she always asked God to take good care of her mom, so that nothing bad would happen to her.

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