Woman who died in plastic surgery clinic had 25 abdominal perforations

SANTO DOMINGO. – The 44-year-old woman who died after having plastic surgery at the Dermo Stetic Laser Clinic had 25 abdominal perforations, Public Health Minister Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas revealed today.

“The autopsy revealed 25 abdominal perforations, if that is not an apprentice I want to be told how it is that an expert surgeon can repeatedly incur such barbarity,” said the official during the presentation of a workshop on prevention, detection and response of counterfeit products in a hotel in the Capital.

Joselyn Agramonte resided in the United States, from where he traveled to perform a liposculpture from which he did not leave alive.

Due to the patient’s condition, the official indicated that it is clear that the person who performed the surgery was an inexperienced person, so all those involved will be subjected to justice and the clinic will remain closed.

“It’s over. And if the citizens or relatives do not go, the ministry does, and we will present in the next few days the submission to the authority for the investigations to be carried out and the sanctions that have to be produced, ”added Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas.

Public Health reported that the closure of the center was due to the breach of the rules of habilitation and violation of the General Health Law.


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