Yolandita Monge: Anthony Rios stays in everyone’s heart

The Puerto Rican singer Yolandita Monge came to the country to say goodbye to her “great friend” and sentimental ex-partner Anthony Rios, who died last Monday.

“Anthony stays with all of us, Anthony stays in the hearts of Dominicans and all the people who are not Dominican who loved him and always respected him. There will always be all his songs and everything he did, “the artist told the digital platform LuminariasTV at the Blandino funeral home on Abraham Lincoln Avenue.

Visibly distressed, she said she will never forget the smile, the humility, the great heart she showed at all times and the things that the interpreter of “The Z” taught her. “I never got bored with him, with this great friend who has left us momentarily, because we all go to the same place at some point,” said the singer.

In the decade of the 80’s, Yolandita and Anthony staged a love relationship that won a lot of publicity for about five years and the rupture opened a long period of conjecture in the media, especially, for the songs that premiered after the break.

Even many fans of the late Dominican singer-songwriter associated the song “Señora tristeza” as a response to the Puerto Rican balladeer, who had previously popularized “Señor del pasado”. Yolandita’s repertoire highlights the pieces “Sí” and “La distancia”, authorship of Ríos. A long time later they showed that what had never ended was the musical love that united them, through the song “Lost Opportunity” and a series of concerts that took them on tour in the United States and the Dominican Republic. “The parenthesis that we opened was necessary, because Yolanda wanted us to get married and take me to live in Puerto Rico. I did not want to get married and I wanted to stay here … then it happened that life went on its course, “Ríos said in 2015 at the” Music between Books “conversation, held by Funglode.

Yolandita and Anthony did not father children during their relationship. However, the singer-songwriter had 26 shoots with 24 women. “But I want to remind him what he was like, and to always live in my memory and my heart everything we share, everything we live, his children, his grandchildren,” said Monge before the cameras of LuminariasTV, by journalist Zoila de Lion.

He also asked the Dominican people to preserve the legacy of Anthony Rios. “That they keep it well … perhaps now that they are very hurt they will not realize it, but when this moment passes they will realize the great legacy and great artist that Anthony has been in the Dominican Republic,” he said.

He will be buried with his parents

The remains of Anthony Rios will be exhibited at the San Antonio de Hato Mayor funeral home, until 11:00 in the morning. “Then we will go to the church for a mass, and at 12:00 noon will be taken to the cemetery for his eternal rest. He will be buried with his parents, as was his wish, “said Servio Polonio, Anthony’s manager. The deceased artist was born in Las Cañitas, in the municipality of Sabana de la Mar, on July 17, 1950.

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