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You can now apply for dual Dominican citizenship online. We explain what are its benefits.

This new service is an effort of the Dominican consulate in New York.

The Dominican consulate in New York recently announced the launch of a website that facilitates the process to obtain Dominican citizenship for children of Dominican parents born in the United States:

The page is called, and is part of a larger initiative to promote the benefits of obtaining Dominican Republic citizenship.

What do I have to do to obtain dual citizenship?

On the web you can find all the requirements, costs and steps to follow to process dual citizenship. The process involves several steps:

1. You must upload to the page the two primary documents, which are the original birth certificate and the copy of the identity card or passport and / or birth certificate of one of the parents.

2. The Consulate’s New Dominican Window will review the documents, generally within two days.

3. From there, the payment receipt must be printed and deposited along with the original documents at the Consulate or any Authorized Center.

4. We will have to wait another week for the Window to process the Translation and the Apostille of the Birth Certificate. Once ready, you will have to schedule an appointment to deposit the file with the JCE

and take your fingerprints.

5. Then, you will have to deposit your file at the Dominican Consulate in Manhattan or at the Consular Information Center. There will also be the capture of your fingerprints.

How long does the process take?

The entire process of obtaining a certificate can take between 1 to 3 months. The certificate is mailed once the process is complete. If the applicant is born in New York and does not have an extensive record of birth, the process could be extended another two weeks.

How much does it cost?

There are 5 steps that must be performed to complete the process and each has an individual cost. Assuming that the applicant already has his birth certificate, the full amount for citizenship should be something like $ 228.

What are the benefits of obtaining dual citizenship?

The benefits of having a Dominican citizenship are several, according to the RD government. These are the main ones:

1. The right to vote in the Presidential and Congressional Elections for Deputy Overseas, as well as other Dominican civil rights.

2. Easier to open and operate bank accounts in the DR.

3. Easier to operate business and investments in DR.

4. You do not have to pay tourist taxes when leaving the Dominican Republic.

5. You do need to make any process migration, such as renewing your residence, and especially not have to make any payment.

6. You can keep your North American nationality.

7. You do not have to pay for university studies as a foreigner.

8. You can apply for any job in the DR legally.

If you are interested in obtaining dual citizenship, you can start your process at

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